Together with our clients we build up a long-term relationship to research and develop new ways of leadership and organizing. To achieve this aim, we offer a wide range of activities and programs. Our aim is to support the creation of organizations as “living places” in which all human beings involved can develop themselves out of a personal, social and economic sense. – Listen to the IMO-approach

Organization Development

Change process

IMO consultants support their clients to work on development questions. Our approach is to design together an attractive and effective process in wich many people can participate. In a rhythmic timeframe they do research and make steps to change.

Horizontal Leadership


IMO provides Horizontal Leadership masterclasses for leaders and managers. This masterclass will help participants to develop a strong developmental momentum in their own organization and their own biography.

Core Qualities of Leadership

In company

This proven modular course of three times two days is a powerful program for head of departments, teamleaders, managers-potentials, etc. They enhance their own leadership qualities, like coaching, steering, confronting, inspiring.

IMO Talks


Get new perspectives from IMO consultants around the world. They will tell every month in an online meeting about her interesting ideas and inspiring experiences. You will get an insight behind the scenes of their profession.