Also the quarantine could not stop the activities around the STEP SCHOOL in Russia. I never thought that it would be possible to do the conscious movement we use in the Step School online, by using the Zoom platform for it. But it is possible, and I see that people need the work, that they strengthen each other and themselves on their path of navigating their lives by using the exercises of the Step School.

For me this time even gives a good opportunity to develop this School deeper. The impulse for it has a long history and started when I was five years old and connected to the disorder of my feet. The first real forming of the step was inspired by the three folded step, given by R. Steiner. The Step School as an independent methodology I developed three years ago and it is strongly connected to the IMO impulse.

We start with the question, come to a concrete formulation of training steps, we do research, observe, and come into dialogue. No movement is done without soul…. The methodology was created to help people to get connected to themselves and become leaders of their lives. This process is based on observing and acting with and through our bodies, using the deep wisdom of our bodies.

In the center of this methodology is the 7 folded conscious step of the human being. The 7 folded step is an archetype for any creation-process of the human being, guiding him consciously on his life path. We become observers of our own life impulses, create sense, and strengthen us in an organic way. The conscious step connects us at the same time with the task and harmony of oneself and of the human creation in general.

I always wondered why everyone becomes beautiful while consciously stepping. Most probably it is because a person comes to complete harmony with himself and the world. He touches his original nature, to the very essence of the creator’s idea.

Joachim Heinz