Klaas IJkema

Rocsana Nica

E-mail: nica@het-imo.net

Rocsana joined IMO in November 2019 She is one of the initiative carriers for setting up of IMO Romania.

Her motto is: Direction comes on the vertical dimension, but growth happens on a horizontal level.  

She believes that a good vision and a suitable structure to support it are very important in steering the organization. The real growth comes from individual contribution, quality of interaction between people, their involvement with the organization and the work processes.

Her approach as organizational consultant includes development of personal leadership through stimulating initiative, dialogue and practicing responsible contribution in the working community, in order to better face challenges and opportunities in the life of the organization.

Coming from the personal development, commercial law and biographical counselling field, she sees her role as a development partner for improvement and change processes in organizations. She finds inspiration in working with leaders and organizations that are looking to clarify their vision, develop working community, design work processes that flow and bring life and sustainable growth of the organization and the people.