IMO is an international community of consultants, active in 11 countries. Each country has a group, and its leader is part of an international core group, which work horizontally to take care of the consistency of the international IMO community. IMO colleagues work together in country groups. They also organize international meetings on a regular basis. Members of the core group are:

 Jutta Hodapp

Klaas IJkema

 Klaas IJkema

 Josefina Morandin

 Hilmar Dahlem

Erica Rizziato 2021

 Erica Rizziato

 Ronen Hahn

 Joachim Heinz

Hans-Peter Ulli

 Hans-Peter Ulli

China flag Huiqin Ma

 Tertta Paananen

Teodore Varvare

Flag Romania Teodora Varvare

Teodore Varvare

Alexandra Hösli

Adriaan Bekman founded IMO in 2005. His idea was to build an organization that should be fully horizontal with only a few vertical elements. We have no office building, not a functional organization, no employee conditions, no fixed strategy, rules and regulations. We have clear processes of working and developing together. Each member is an IMO entrepreneur, independent and responsible for his/her business. We concentrate on the client work and on the methodology development. There is an IMO Foundation in the Netherlands that protects the name and the logo, the IMO website and the methodology.
IMO colleagues work together in country groups. They meet with all colleagues once a year for 5 days in an IMO country. They organize meetings with clients and their network.


IMO is a legal Foundation based in the Netherlands
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