Organization Development

IMO consultants work in nine countries with almost 400 client organizations. Our clients describe this co-creation as being part of a learning community that develops new adventurous ways of creating change that lead to a healthy community, an inspired professional performance, excellent client service and profitable space for new investments.

We act as leadership partners for CEO’s creating substantial change and development processes that tackle the real issues. We support managers as process owners for change processes. We dialogue with the professionals on their next step in improving the work process, the co-operation with others, the client service.

Our client organizations work in a horizontal way. They organize the company as a horizontally organized organism in which each one can act as a leader.
We have the privilege to work with excellent companies like Ecor-Naturasi (Italy), Anix (Russia), Terra Viva (Brazil), Triodos Bank (Netherlands), DM (Germany), Waldorfschools (Israel), Knowledge and Nursing (Switzerland), the Red Cross (Finland).

The co-operation between Client organization and IMO consultants is done in a rhythmic, step – by – step, dialogical and reflective way. The IMO methodology supports this conscious and effective way of creating sensible changes. We train our clients in the key abilities of leading the change process themselves.

The long-lasting relations with our clients, based on a common commitment to make the things work well, gives all of us the chance to make a substantial contribution to the wellbeing of the company and its people and the society in which it is working.