We build a network of people who feel connected with IMO and want to understand better the horizontal approach of leadership and organizational development. This specific IMO approach seems to be close to the inner feeling of the current generation that is in search for both independency and connection.

In order to meet the IMO community, we offer different activities where people can join on invitation. An online network infrastructure is available to facilitate this network.

All IMO consultants from different countries are visible on this website (see Who we are) and are willing to answer your questions.

Discover the colorful IMO community!

Annual Client Network Conference 2022

In 2022 the International IMO Client Network Conference will take place on September 2nd & 3rd in Bucharest, Romania.


Leadership is about taking responsibility for the organizations results, for the relationships with the clients and the culture that support our employees.

Growth potential can come through all these 3 pillars: capital, people, technology.

IMO International Client Day is about exploring today’s business and personal challenges, connecting with other professionals, exchanging perspectives and get fresh, inspired new ideas and possibilities as a basis for future development.

As we are facing times of transition, we need to develop new leadership qualities, we need to find new key performance indicators that support the performance management, and we need to develop new organizational culture that sustain business growth through innovation.

In these 2 days event, you will be able to explore with International IMO consultants from different countries tools, methods and new research models with impact on self-leadership, on how to develop autonomous teams and why developing processes and people together is the key for future organizations.

All practical information can be found in this brochure.


IMO Talks

IMO consultants share their experiences, ideas and questions. For more information, look here.