IMO Talks with Hilmar Dahlem

IMO Talks with Hilmar Dahlem


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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This is an invitation to join the upcoming IMO-Talks meeting next Friday This time Hilmar Dahlem from the Germany will present his story. Hilmar Dahlem is leader of the German IMO group and a very experienced consultant. He joined IMO in 2005. In all those years he developed both a deep and a practical understanding of leadership. The topic of Hilmar for this IMO Talks will be: Leadership challenges and next steps

He wants to share some observations from the many organizations he served. Those observations are very well recognizable for most of us: high pressure, complexity, unpleasant surprises, unclearness, etc. What does it mean for people who are in a leadership responsibility? What could help to find a next step? Hilmar will provide a short concept and bring some examples out of his practical work.

The concept of IMO-Talks is very simple. It takes exactly one hour. After a short welcome and introduction, Hilmar will start his IMO Talk for 17 minutes. Then we invite the participants to small groups, in break-out rooms, to reflect together on the story they just heard. Ten minutes before the end of the hour, everyone comes back in the plenum, and we share some insides from the groups. That’s it, and after almost four years, we discovered that people highly appreciate this simple format!

On Friday, November 24, we start the Zoom session at 12.00 CET (Central Europe Time zone). Be there a bit earlier, because we start exactly on time.
Meeting-ID: 880 5001 6156
Passcode: 152568

If you want to invite someone else, feel free.
There is no cost for participation.