Masters, Seminars, Workshops

International Master

IMO provides Horizontal Leadership masterclasses for leaders, managers, trainers and consultants. It is designed with IMO methodology and will help participants to generate development at a personal level in the working situation by living strong change momentum in their own organization and their own biography.

We have a common format in different countries, it is a generative one and is focused on three parts working in alternate mode:

1-Two day workshop

To give a new input about the organization and people development and help participants exercise how to connect this input to their personal working situation focusing on a next step.

2-Exploration and experimentation in the working situation

To make the decided step in the working situation by observing the consequences.

3-Intervision groups

To reflect on the steps made by learning about personal developments and defining new steps.

Seminars core qualities of leadership

This proven modular seminar of three times a two-days workshop is a powerful program for heads of departments, team leaders, managers. They enhance their own leadership qualities, like coaching, steering, confronting, inspiring.

This workshop will address the needs of the organizations regarding leadership development.

First workshop

We explore the core qualities of leadership: steering, coaching, intervening, inspiring.

Second workshop

The focus is on communication and working in a team.

Third workshop

We pay attention to deal with crisis, transition and how to get people on board?

Adriaan Bekman: “Steering, coaching, intervening and inspiring are four kinds of dialogues. These four kinds of dialogues help the leader and the other person to deal with the issues and questions in a constructive way.”