Masterclass leadership

IMO provides a Horizontal Leadership master class for executives and top managers. This masterclass will help participants to develop a strong developmental momentum in their own organization.

The methodology underlying this is based on many years of experience in a variety of organizations worldwide. Characteristic of the IMO approach is: focus on biography, focus on the dialogue with customers and employees and embedding this in a process of developing a vision and achieving meaningful results.

Feedback by some Dutch participants:

Being in dialogue and designing together, out of the biographies, a process has been an eye-opener for me. As a manager you always feel you have to do it by yourself. Looking forward has given me perspective and in this way, future and present are connected. 

Sacha Vingerhoeds,  Director

The master class was for me an unique opportunity to connect my professional development questions with those of my organization and my clients. So this was effective in three different ways and new insights could be gained. To this day I benefit from that. 

Harry Bakker, Consultant