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This course is designed for people who want to get basic information about IMO. Discover its historical background, find an explanation of the organization characteristics, its mission and core activities. The course provides an introduction to the methodology of IMO research and development, the steering idea behind the academy, a reference to publications and support to make a next step if you want more.


In this course you will find three modules. They consist of text, video, reference to publications and some questions. You can follow this course on your own – that is up to you – but it is better to find a study companion to talk with about your findings. It is also recommended to make notes in a personal notebook.


  • After the three modules you know what IMO is about. See course description.
  • If this tastes good, you can take another course and / or contact an IMO consultant.


This is a fully online course. You can join this program without any interference of someone else.
When you want to take this course, click the ‘Take this course‘ button and you will receive an invoice (€ 25, zero TAX). When the money has been transferred, the access info for this course will be sent to you.