Hanjo Achatzi

Hanjo Achatzi

E-mail: achatzi@het-imo.net

I accompany entrepreneurs, executives and employees in navigating into the future – as a coach and moderator. For me, companies are places to create a culture where human beings and human development are the essence. The potential lies in people themselves. I help to discover this and make it effective. The focus of my work is the design of a modern organization that offers space for initiative and responsibility – horizontal leadership.

I wonder what a global economy can look like in the 21st century? How can we find practical solutions to shape them? And what role does our inner development play in this context?

With my projects, I want to make perspectives visible and set the mark.

1962    Born in Munich, growing up in a bakery. Father of four children.
1988    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich , Focus on Construction and Development, System Theory and Biocybernetics.
1984    Co-founder of a student initiative for interdisciplinary education and appropriate technology.
1988    Work in a Viennese engineering office.
1991    Establishing and leading the “Environmental Management” division of the Gerling Consulting Group in Cologne. Authorized representative of the Gerling Group. First projects for environmental management at Bayer, DEA Refinerys, Ciba and Fraport.
1999    Independent consultant. Projects in owner-managed and stock exchange listed companies with the aim of supporting “entrepreneurs in enterprises”.
Founding member of Impact HUB Munich. Member of the Supervisory Board of Regios e.G. Cooperative for Regional Monetary Systems and
BODAN, wholesale of natural foods
2011    Initiative wirtschaftneudenken.com
2018    Member of IMO
2020    Co-founder of www.zeitgenossenschaft.eu an initiative for collaborative and regional projects in the fields of health, food, education, living, energy, mobility…