The challenges in our relocation and getting ready for covid19 have been going well in a united front. There has not been nearly any conflicts between executives. We received a lot of hints and wisdom about how to listen, to take up issues and to give feedback.  (Quote from Minna Kääriäinen)

The ‘Inside the Change’ program, designed and facilitated by Hannu Tuovinen and Rajkumar Sabanadesan from IMO Suomi institute, turned out to be a real help to master this special moment covid19.

An interview of the director and senior physician Minna Kääriäinen, who leads the domain of musculoskeletal system diseases in the University Hospital of City of Tampere. She tells about their two years change program and how did it influence the executives and personnel’s professional skills.

What kind of change did you have?

Since 2020 we have centralized our work into a new D-building. In these new premises our aim is to make the nursing processes even more effective, cost -efficient and qualitative.

What was the aim for your change program?

The primary aim was to prepare our personnel, 250 people, for the coming relocation. The aim for the executives, 25 people, was to improve basic management skills and get transferable skills. 

What is the influence of the change program now, when you have been taking care of this specific covid19 moment?

Now in this covid19 moment, we are harvesting the fruits of the change program: Responsibility, collaboration and to work together for a common goal becomes visible in all our actions. All the duties have been done in a skillful way in this quickly changing moment.  
The challenges of our relocation and getting ready for covid19 have been going well in a united front. There has not been nearly any conflicts between executives. We received a lot of hints and wisdom for how to listen, to take up issues and to give feedback. The experience of peer support has been highly appreciated among the executives. An extra value was given by the trainers through their directional and professional mirroring of the emotions and situations. This enabled our peer support to rise into a more professional level

How the change program supported your leadership skills?

The most important thing was that the program enabled the development of confidential relations between executives. We got to know each other. Even the most quiet ones could get courage to express their opinions. We could build up a clear shared vision about what we are aiming for and how do we lead it together. After the change program the leaders of different professional groups and units have been leading together quite differently than before. To achieve a confidential relation between the executives was a significant thing, and it is still fruitful.

You had the whole personnel in the change program. How did it work out? 

Most of the people experienced the program as beneficial and self-improving. Conversational orientation among personnel has improved and the importance of collaboration has become more visible. Initiative taking has also risen. Our relocation has shown very well that the entire group works together for the common goal.

Has this covid19 moment introduced any new aspects from the personnel?

At the latest this moment has shown that the qualities of flexibility, understanding and collaboration have been found differently than before the program. Over the program the personnel understood that to prepare yourself mentally for the coming change is the most important skill that you can get. We received tools to calm down, to deal with the rush, to react and to see things from the standpoint of the other.

We are grateful for this change program. It was productive to work with you. 

Minna Kääriäinen

Minna Kääriäinen