We all experience the corona crisis in different ways. For me the work we planned with our clients is postponed and mostly will happen after the summer I guess. No travelling but staying home. But also, I am now fully available for the zoom web-seminars on “Inside the Change” that my colleague Cynthia initiated, and the web-seminar with master students from Offenburg University on “Leadership: Leading people and organizations”. A new and inspiring experience. Suddenly we all have to start to act our personal leadership in facing the invisible intruder and the changes this brings in our lives.

Not only in the private life but also in the worldwide community we can see how in the practice we have to act as horizontal leaders and how we have to organize in a horizontal way. As governments initiate the lockdown as their way to handle the invisible, on the basis of advice given by virus specialists and other scientists, all of us, business leaders, shop keepers, taxi drivers, nurses and doctors, consultants, have to see how to deal yourself with this crisis. We have to deal with staying healthy, the economic financial consequences, with our need for contact with our beloved ones that is forbidden, the family life at home and children not going to the school. We see the split between inspiring new initiatives that people take to help each other and deal with the change and all those that lose control of their life and jump to extreme outlets. We also see the difference in the way the crisis is handled. There is the top – down approach like in Italy and Spain in which strong interventions are made and all others have to follow and obey. There is also the community approach like in Sweden and Germany in which it is more up to the people themselves to handle the situation using the recommendations of politicians and specialists. Our freedom and our understanding of the sense are at stake and have to be balanced with our fear to be infected and losing our health. Our wish to control have to be balanced with giving responsibility to the other.

We can start to see how important it is to be able to create a good process for our self and others to deal with the new situation, how important dialogue is between us to create the life values that gives us fulfilment and satisfaction and how to create the sense of this change for yourself together with those that you share your life with.

We can experience the importance of the invisible side of life. Dealing with the thread of the virus, the numbers of the death and the sick, the response of world leaders and of your neighbors, colleagues and friends to the change, this gives all of us the challenge to act our personal leadership and start to organize our live in a horizontal way. It is not enough to hope for top – down solutions that the government will offer, we have to find ways ourselves to handle the challenge and make something valuable out of it.

It is very obvious that dealing with the crisis and helping each other in doing that, needs the personal touch in how we communicate with each other, is it in the private or in the public sphere. Functional talking is not working well, we need to become visible as a person that shares the hopes and fears that live inside us.

In my book “A small guide for a fulfilled life” I give suggestions how to deal with the life today in more complex circumstances. It is a week calendar with 52 suggestions to deal with life in the organized world we are in. An invitation to personal leadership. This book has been published in the Dutch language earlier this year.