Core Quailties of Leadership

“Core Qualities of Leadership” is an intensive and promising program. This proven modular course of three times two days is a powerful program for managers (team leaders, managers) to enhance their own leadership. Addressed will be the four core qualities of leadership (steering, coaching, intervening, inspiring), vertical and horizontal leadership, managing and directing work processes out.

This workshop will address the needs of the organizations regarding leadership development. Based on many workshops conducted by IMO consultants, a sequence of three 2-days modules in a period of three months has proven to be effective and satisfying for the participants.

  1. We explore the core qualities of leadership: steering, coaching, intervening, inspiring.
  2. The focus is on communication and working in a team.
  3. We pay attention to deal with crisis, transition and how to get people on board?

Adriaan Bekman: “Steering, coaching, intervening and inspiring are four kinds of dialogues. These four kinds of dialogues help the leader and the other person to deal with the issues and questions in a constructive way.”