How the trust is developed in leadership and in relationship with a customer?

My life question has been: Who can I trust and how? My self-trust has been tested in many levels, my trust has been betrayed, and I had to build it up in my life many times. All this motivated me to find out more about trust – what is it, how is it build up and what effects to it. Trust is the base to everything! Without it there is nothing, no co-operation, no communication, no actions. The research question appeared to me as “How to build trust in relationships and more specific in customer relationships?” What is needed and is there means to have any influence on it? What to do when trust is lost?
When you say “I believe in you”, that gives freedom, inspires and makes the listener feel good. By inspiring trust it increases, people generally response well and want to be trustworthy. There are many profound moments in history, when people have extended trust in amazing way. You can choose to trust. Trusting lights the inner spirit, into self and others, it touches, enlightens, brings happiness and confidence in lives. (Covey 2006)

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