Here we go again! – Exercise objectives

Are we often involved in recurring situations or those that are common problems? Do we find ourselves in recurring situations or those of a characteristic common problem? For example, in certain situations are we unable to get satisfaction and therefore conflicts emerge? Do we often find ourselves facing the same dilemma or reflecting on, many different great and small events present not positive similarities? Is there something in time that even for long periods, appears unlocked? The same routines are repeating without an evolutionary impulse emerging? We call these recurring events Critical issue.

  • The first objective of this exercise is to understand if our attitude, an internal behavior, a fixed idea that can be the cause of these critical issues or doesn’t stop them. We call this quite unknown cause: steering guides
  • The second objective is to transform it in a more functional and conscious new guide.
  • The third objective is to decide the next step, the necessary action to block the mechanism. 


Consequences of having placed in reality a more conscious and responsible action, will indicate if we are truly orientated to a positive development or if we still need to change this approach. 

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