Observations on biographical events in our highly organized world

Some ideas to act as free human soul in the organized life
Biography is a life story. It’s a path which emerge when we step on it. It contains past, present and future. In my act of writing I try to introduce different standpoints which can be seen in our leadership and in the creation of our personal and organization biography. Modern times is offering for us a setting of rush, competition, self-interest pursuit and different threats. The light of the beacons that are guiding us can overshadow. To make the light brighter we should create a space and time to ask core questions. In addition to, that we ask what we need and how to get this, we should ask the question why? What is the source and for whom is all that we do? I describe our inner and outer exercises to carry out our own task and the task of organized communities and its building elements. I also try to encourage the reader to make decisions in personal mastery. The challenge of modern times is how to keep our will and drive alive. Horizontal orientation in leadership and organizing could help us to take steps to the right direction.

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