Get new perspectives from IMO consultants around the world. They will tell every month in an online meeting about her interesting ideas and inspiring experiences. You will get an insight behind the scenes of their profession. Watch the presentation and reflect on it with others in a small group. In the last part of this meeting you get some final remarks and then we close the session.


IMO Talks is an one-hour, online, interactive event. Everyone who is interested can join the presentation. There are no costs, but you have to register for the meeting of for a series of IMO Talks. We will announce in newsletters and on social media about upcoming IMO Talks. We will record online meetings, make those records available for people of the online IMO Network community.


Every year twelve IMO consultants from different countries will shed their light on original subjects, related to their profession. They have a unique and interesting story to tell. In the eleventh IMO Talk (April 19 from 14.00 – 15.00 CEST) Josefina Morandin from Brazil will tell about the healing quality of the dialogue.  What supports and what endangers the dialogue in work and private life?   



Starting time: 14.00 (Central European Time)
June 15: Hermanus Meijerink Brazil
July 13: Christian Oerthel Germany
August 17: Junze Xu China
September 21: Rocsana Nica Romania
October 19: Tertta Paananen Finland
November 9: Hans-Peter Ulli Switzerland
December 14: Klaas IJkema The Netherlands
January 11: Antonio Cappiello Italy
Februari 15: Maxim Griskikh Russia
March 15: Hans Passenier The Netherlands
April 19: Josefina Morandin Brazil
Mei 17: Hanjo Achatzi Germany


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