Dialogue about Images and Concepts

on the human being and his creations.

Images and Concepts
Images and Concepts

In 2020 Adriaan Bekman, founder of IMO, published a small book, called Images and Concepts on the human being and his creations. The IMO Methodology, developed by Adriaan Bekman. It is a kind of heritage that he wants to handover to his colleagues. It is very comprised and rich for its content.

On the back of this book:

The images and concepts you find in this book can be seen as basic images that can lead us in how we develop and change ourselves and our organizations and how we understand dynamics of situations we find ourselves in. They can help us to sharpen our observation of the phenomena in situations, to see the steering principles that direct human behavior, to come to good judgements and perform adequate actions.

These images and concepts can be studied and used by leaders and professionals. They are IMO concepts.

In this book we will very shortly indicate the history of each concept development, the concept itself and the way one can work with this concept in the client practice.


IJkema Bekman

Adriaan Bekman and Klaas IJkema started a dialogue about these images and concepts. On a regular basis we will ad new dialogues. The first series of five interviews is about the IMO concepts related to the images of the human being.

  1. Concept of a fourfold human being image expressed in a fourfold image of the organization. Video
  2. Concept of the 'I' in the soul Video
  3. Concept of the exclusive human values Video 
  4. Concept of the human soul