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IMO Academy

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The IMO Academy is an online learning platform for topics like leadership, organizational development, community building, sense making. You will find these themes both on a theoretical and a practical level. A good start is to become a member of a network of people who want to know more about IMO. After your membership confirmation you can study literature, take courses, start a research project, join discussions, share documents, etc. The Academy is in a permanent development to provide interesting material.

Klaas  IJkema

Klaas IJkema

Klaas IJkema started the IMO Academy in 2016 as a result of experiencing the power of blended learning in Finland. This is about a combination of learning from online available materials, doing personal research activities and several moments of reflection in dialogue with an IMO consultant. Klaas is totally committed to make this kind of learning accessible for people all over the world, wherever they are and whenever they have time.

His passion is to research the soul of language as an expression of how people find ways to leadership in their communication with the organized world that surrounds them. More information about Klaas is on the IMO website.

Adriaan Bekman

Adriaan Bekman is the founder of IMO and contributed a lot of ideas, stories, models, publication, presentations. It is his strong desire to build the possibility of schooling  the IMO approach for people all over the world. It is about a new perspective on leadership and organization development, fit for the coming centuries. The Academy will support this movement.

Adriaan wrote a philosophy of the organized life, originally in the Dutch language but already translated and published into English and German. There is a lot to read from this productive author. More information about Adriaan can be found on the IMO website.

Adriaan Bekman


At the moment there is one course, IMO Basics, available for everyone to study the basic elements of IMO. This course is a prerequisite for other courses of IMO that will become available on this page soon.

To buy and take a course you first have to register and get an approved account.